WhatsUp Gold v16.4 is here

WhatsUp Gold v16.4 extends visibility across IT infrastructure and applications, supports new environments and further simplifies adoption through:

  • APM profiles for Apache, Linux, Windows DNS and SharePoint 2013
  • Support for vSphere 6, Windows 10, and Microsoft Server 2014
  • New monitors including JMX, SNMP Extended and SSL Certificate
  • Simplified APM licensing that delivers more for less

Additional APM improvements:

  • New, simple application-based licensing (replacing component-based model)
  • Easier to implement actions and component configurations through Application Attributes that support
  • percentages (similar to Device Attributes)
  • Easy profile customization through ‘Edit a Copy’ function for Ipswitch certified profiles
  • New polling architecture for End User Monitor components for dependable monitoring of your website and application transactions at any scale
  • New wide range of monitoring capability:
  • vSphere 6 VM and host monitoring (in WhatsUp Gold and WhatsVirtual)
  • JMX (Java Management Extensions) Active & Performance Monitors
  • SNMP Extended Monitor – additional data and options on SNMP based metrics
  • Ping Jitter Monitor (time difference between ping responses)
  • File Content (Parser) Monitor (pattern filtering and alerting)
  • SSL Certificate Monitor (availability, expiration, usage)